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I started The Outfox Fashion Group in 2015 with a dream to establish a new standard in the Fashion Industry. I looked at the Global Supply Chains, Manufacturing and Fashion Brands and I felt a massive pull towards wanting to make a difference.

From the outset I knew South Africa was going to be too small for my Vision and I wanted to see what was happening on the Runways of the World - so I booked a ticket to go to New York Fashion Week in 2017 and I immersed myself in the International Fashion Culture for an entire week. This photo was taken in February of 2017 in Manhatten in a snow storm that hit one day before a Fashion Show I was to attend at Madison Square Garden.

When I got back, I realised that I had a big pond between me and the International Markets and that I was at a major currency disadvantage. So the big question became...where do I start? I tried several things initially and nothing really worked until I faced a hard HAVE to work with what you have in your hand, and will you serve others with your gift?

All I had at that time was a box full of secondhand handbags in the corner of my garage...and that's how I started in fashion!


What I forgot to tell you is that I have another passion.




After completing my Law Degree and a MBA I worked in the Hospitality Industry for many years and I still Consult for Companies in the Discipline of Revenue Management (basically, working with forecasting models). One of my dreams is to launch a Fashion Hotel Chain in key International Fashion Destinations around the world. 


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