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    Firstly, we offer a truly Bespoke Wardrobe Design Experience to our corporate and upmarket clientele. If you struggle to find time for yourself, your family and to stay balanced and rarely have time for Wardrobe Maintenance or Shopping, but you like to stay On Trend and always Smashing those Glass Ceilings we have a solution for you!

    Secondly, we're passionate about seeing other Entrepreneurs and Businesses succeed. So if you're a Business Owner, Influencer, Retailer, Brand or Designer, we've created a Design Studio where we create Digital Marketing Resources for your business. 


    Lucia Dramat YouTube Styling
    BCBG Handbag Launch
    Fashion Magazine
    The Vintage Yield Retail Concept
    Lucia Dramat YouTube Styling
    BCBG Launch Models
    About us
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    The Outfox Fashion Group had its beginning in 2015 when a dream to establish a new standard in the fashion industry eventually took us to New York Fashion Week.

    Our Styling Division is called The Fashion Founder and it is run by our Founder, Cheri Hughes, an Internationally Qualified Fashion Stylist. She trained under a Celebrity Stylist in Los Angeles and a Veteran in Fashion based in the United Kingdom. She also holds a Law Degree and a MBA.

    The Outfox Design Studio is our Digital Agency responsible for creating Business Resources. We design Websites, Business Cards, Social Media Banners, Social Media Templates and much more to establish a strong Brand Identity for our Clientele.

     We currently service Clients in the USA, the United Kingdom and South Africa.

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    by following our Founder on Instagram where she regularly shares updates about the International Fashion Industry, new Brands to follow and Style Inspiration and Ideas.

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